Roommates 101-Article 1 (Food)

Laura A. Engineerica

And you thought your siblings were bad...

This is the first of many articles written from experience in hopes that what was learned can be passed on to other college students.

Even in the best situations with the best roommate(s), food almost always becomes an issue. As a college student, hunger and lack of funds will drive even the most caring people to become uncaring scavengers. Food is expensive so protecting your groceries is very important for roommate success. Here are some clever ideas for food guarding:

• If you can afford it, get a small refrigerator to keep in your room. Be sure to never agree to live in a room that shares a bathroom and is lacking a lock. • Find out what your roomies do not like to eat that you do like. Invest in that food or condiment. So your roommate doesn't like mushrooms? Guess what you order on EVERY pizza? • Store food in containers made for other food. Example, save an old prune juice jar to transfer milk into and don't be afraid to add food coloring to seal the trick. • Save original containers so the use by date gets older and older. The roommate will think the contents are old. Be careful with this one, you may have a roommate that likes to throw out anything past the date. • Keep any non-perishable food that can be eaten quickly locked in your room. Example, pop-tarts. Things that can be simply opened and eaten will never ever last so keep them locked away. • Find other safe places to keep food. Example, your school workplace. Even a gym locker can be a great place to keep a box of protein bars.
• Buy foods that need preparation. Frozen chicken, rice and a can of vegetables will almost never disappear.

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